Brian Hager – Meaning

A bit of shameless self-promotion, here. This is my album. It's an instrumental album that ranges from jazz to classical with soul/funk influences. Check it out. Brian Hager - Meaning

Curtis Mayfield – Curtis/Live!

Curtis Mayfield at a small, intimate jazz club might be #1 on my dream concerts list. Direct your ears to how much these songs sound like their studio version. Curtis' songs always had sort of a live feel to them, and the band is so tight that this doesn't feel like it's possible that this … Continue reading Curtis Mayfield – Curtis/Live!

Curtis Mayfield – Superfly

I've said here before that Curtis Mayfield personifies the soul/funk sound better than anyone. In 1972, Mayfield was tasked with giving that sound to a movie called "Superfly." The result is the best toeing of the soul/funk line that Mayfield ever achieved in his legendary career, 37 minutes of bliss. "Little Child Running Wild," "Freddy's … Continue reading Curtis Mayfield – Superfly