Various Artists – Soul Christmas

I've held off for nearly a month to recommend this one. The Celebrate-Christmas-Too-Early shamers are out there and they hate when you even bring up Christmas before Thanksgiving. I'm more of a tear down Halloween decorations and put up Christmas decorations on November 1st kind of guy. And while decorating at the beginning of this … Continue reading Various Artists – Soul Christmas

Bootsy Collins – World Wide Funk

Ahhh.... Bootsy’s back baba! The legendary P-Funk bassist just dropped his first solo album since 2011, it’s spectacularly unfocused. Careening wildly from throwback funk, to hip hop, to ballads and everywhere in between. At this point in his career, Bootsy’s albums probably aren’t the type that you listen to over and over again, front to … Continue reading Bootsy Collins – World Wide Funk

Various Artists – Take Me To The River

This is one of the weirdest, yet most awesome albums I've ever heard. Here's the story: old Memphis blues and soul legends get together with current Memphis rappers to collaborate on an album. The whole process is made into a documentary with the same name as the album. Now, I could write countless thousands of … Continue reading Various Artists – Take Me To The River