Joe Barksdale – Butterflies, Rainbows & Moonbeams

This is the debut album from the Chargers' offensive lineman, and it features Barksdale on vocals and the guitar. He is much more advanced on the guitar than he is as a singer, but most of the issues with the lack of polish in his voice are well masked by featured singers singing along. While … Continue reading Joe Barksdale – Butterflies, Rainbows & Moonbeams

Exploring My Vinyl Collection

Supporting the music you love is important. Back in high school, I would download all my music for free and say, "They're rich, I'm broke, they don't need my money." Donuts by J Dilla changed my views on that. That album had such a profound effect on my life (that story is for a future … Continue reading Exploring My Vinyl Collection

Various Artists – Take Me To The River

This is one of the weirdest, yet most awesome albums I've ever heard. Here's the story: old Memphis blues and soul legends get together with current Memphis rappers to collaborate on an album. The whole process is made into a documentary with the same name as the album. Now, I could write countless thousands of … Continue reading Various Artists – Take Me To The River