Bill Withers – Live At Carnegie Hall

There's a couple of things I'll direct your ears to in this album: 1. When Bill talks to the crowd in between songs, you get the sense that he observes life the way a stand-up comedian does. Instead of turning those observations into jokes, he uses them to add another level of sincerity into his … Continue reading Bill Withers – Live At Carnegie Hall

Ohio Players – Live 1977

I'm gonna post a few live albums this week, since I've only posted one, I think. What it will essentially amount to is a list of concerts that make me wish time travel was possible so I could go back and see them. The first one is the Ohio Players' "Live 1977." I saw them … Continue reading Ohio Players – Live 1977

Curtis Mayfield – Superfly

I've said here before that Curtis Mayfield personifies the soul/funk sound better than anyone. In 1972, Mayfield was tasked with giving that sound to a movie called "Superfly." The result is the best toeing of the soul/funk line that Mayfield ever achieved in his legendary career, 37 minutes of bliss. "Little Child Running Wild," "Freddy's … Continue reading Curtis Mayfield – Superfly