I never thought I'd have a blog. I've always thought that the only people that should have blogs are experts in their fields. I've never understood the notion of posting to Facebook or Twitter dozens of times a day. In general, I don't think most people should or do care what most people have to say.


So so why am I starting a blog? I know a lot about music, but I'm no expert. I rarely post to Facebook or Twitter. I'm not in any great hurry to give people my opinions out in the real world. I'm not a person that should have a blog.


But I have a very specific music taste that renders it impossible to find a blog or forum or Apple Music page to recommend new music I'd like. My taste in music is pretty easy to describe, strong musicianship while still grooving. To me, that formula shows up mostly in funk, soul, jazz and blues music, although it does make appearances in rock, alternative and even country music.


Not everyone shares this music taste, obviously. This blog won't be for those people. If you stumble upon this blog and like some of the music I've posted, stick around. I'll be posting new releases, classics, and hidden gems as often as I can.


And by all means, if you have recommendations for me, let 'em fly. I have a contact page on the blog, my personal Twitter page is @BrianHagerMusic, or just throw 'em in a comment section for everyone to see.


I hope we can all groove together for a long time