Joe Barksdale – Butterflies, Rainbows & Moonbeams

This is the debut album from the Chargers’ offensive lineman, and it features Barksdale on vocals and the guitar. He is much more advanced on the guitar than he is as a singer, but most of the issues with the lack of polish in his voice are well masked by featured singers singing along.

While this is a good album, the backstory is the interesting, and devastating, part. Joe Barksdale picked up the guitar 4 years ago as a method to battle depression. He was abused as a child, and is now using music to push the negative thoughts that have resulted in suicide attempts out of his head. The album title refers to that distraction strategy. Barksdale is now opening up about his experiences and depression in hopes to help others affected.

I’m interested to see how he progresses as a musician, but I’m good with calling him the best athlete musician since Wayman Tisdale. (Check out “This Fonk Is 4U”)

Joe Barksdale – Butterflies, Rainbows & Moonbeams

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