Bill Withers – Live At Carnegie Hall

There’s a couple of things I’ll direct your ears to in this album:

1. When Bill talks to the crowd in between songs, you get the sense that he observes life the way a stand-up comedian does. Instead of turning those observations into jokes, he uses them to add another level of sincerity into his songwriting.

2. Benorce Blackmon’s subtle blues guitar licks sprinkled over the entire performance. Some bands, like the last post’s Ohio Players, will lengthen songs by having solos, or evolving the theme further than on the studio cut. This band didn’t do that. The album starts out with an eight and a half minute version of “Use Me” that doesn’t contain solos and never strays from the song’s basic structure. The reason it worked without getting tedious was the extra dimension that the guitar added that you didn’t get from the studio version.

Bill Withers – Live At Carnegie Hall

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