Bill Withers – Still Bill

Let me start out with a message to the people that have this site followed or bookmarked and check back from time to time: I know posts have slowed, but I’m going to drop a recommendation every day for the next week. As the site moves along, one recommendation per week will probably settle in as the norm. Relatively to other genres, the style of music here doesn’t have much quantity, and the recommendable albums are finite. I always suggest going back through the post history and checking out anything you haven’t heard yet, and hopefully these next 7 albums will keep you busy for a while. I’ll do these 7 day marathons from time to time if I feel like I haven’t been posting much. This one will focus on classic soul. Winter is for soul, summer is for funk.

Day 1 of the Week of Soul is Bill Withers’ “Still Bill,” 1972’s follow up to Withers’ debut, “As I Am,” released a year earlier. “Still Bill” is the peak of the legendary artist’s sweet soul style. It showcases his ability to make deep, heartfelt songs fun and easily digestible.

Standout tracks include, karaoke go-to “Use Me,” top tier classic “Lean On Me,” “I Don’t Know” and “Another Day To Run.”

Bill Withers – Still Bill

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