Two Off-Brand Recommendations

There were two albums released yesterday that don’t really fit into our criteria here, but are both very good and and were released by two of my favorite current artists.

The First is Gregory Porter’s “Nat “King” Cole & Me.” I have recommended Porter’s last album here, so why is it off brand to recommend this one? Well, “Take Me To The Alley” was a blend off jazz & soul, and “Nat “King” Cole & Me” is more classical than anything else. Still very well made, but it’s difficult to meet the “groove” part of my “groove and musicianship” criteria when there’s hardly any drums on the whole album.

Gregory Porter – Nat “King” Cole & Me

The second is Big K.R.I.T.’s “4eva Is A Mighty Long Time.” I actually think KRIT checks off groove and musicianship better than probably any other rapper, but I typically stay away from recommending hip hop here because there are plenty of hip hop blogs out there. Even if hip hop isn’t your thing, check out the song “Aux Cord.” On it, KRIT is all of us, longing to play some old funk/soul while riding around in the car with his friends.

Big K.R.I.T. – 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time

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