Kool & The Gang – Wild And Peaceful

Kool & The Gang are Party Funk. They’re the Lil Jon of funk music. They’re LMFAO with actual musical ability. They have a whole catalog of songs that will make your head involuntarily nod. They have several songs that I can play at a party full of my millennial-aged friends without someone saying, “Why are you playing this? It’s old.”

A few of those songs reside on Wild and Peaceful. It’s an album of groove-forward funk. It is a shining reminder that you can shoot for commercially viable “party” music while not abandoning musical integrity. “Catchy” and “containing musical value” are not mutually exclusive.

Standout tracks include, “Hollywood Swingin,” “Jungle Boogie,” “Funky Stuff” and “This Is You, This Is Me.”

Kool & The Gang – Wild And Peaceful

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