Michael Jackson – Scream

“New” release here for Michael Jackson. It’s really just a Halloween themed compilation album, and no one, outside of maybe Nina Simone, makes October-worthy music like Mike.

No standout tracks here. Just add the whole album to your Halloween Party playlist.

Michael Jackson – Scream

Side note: My heart goes out to everyone affected by the Las Vegas shooting. A tragedy made even worse because it occurred at a concert, an event intended to spread love and happiness.

It’s been longer than usual since my last recommendation, and this one is admittedly pretty lazy. The reason for that is my girlfriend was at that concert. Fortunately she made it out safely. But to all those who were there, and to their loved ones who sat at home, waiting to hear from them, hoping for the best, I know what you’ve been through. Stay strong and seek help if you need it.

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