Otis Junior & Dr Dundiff – Hemispheres

I like this as an album as an example of modern soul music vs. modern R&B. It’s more complex and interesting production instead of trying to be as catchy and simple as possible. It’s soulful vocals with meaning instead of trying to sing in a way that sets yourself apart from your contemporaries. It’s goal is to make good, lasting music instead of something that has commercial appeal.

“Hemispheres” is a jazzy offering with some hip hop influence. Whether an original composition or live instrumentation over a sampled bed, each composition offers a beautiful canvas for the refreshingly soulful vocals.

Standout tracks include “Why Can’t You (Just Come For Conversation),” “Don’t Get Caught,” “Say Yes (Gospel)” & the title track.

Otis Junior & Dr Dundiff – Hemispheres

Side note: Shoutout to Yoda for this one.

Side note 2: RIP to Walter Becker. Go back and check out the recommendation from a few days ago, Steely Dan – “Aja.”

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