Margie Joseph – Margie Joseph

With the insane amount of talent making music in the 70’s, it was common for good artists to get lost in the shuffle. Margie Joseph is the perfect example of that. Despite an unbelievable singing voice and a catalog of quality music, Margie never got the attention she deserved in her time, and has been largely forgotten in the 40 years since. I could easily envision an alternate universe where things broke right for her and she is remembered as a contemporary of Diana and Aretha, but that smash hit forever eluded her.

But that’s ok, because we aren’t worried about commercial success here. So we can appreciate her 1973 self titled album for what it is: the peak of Margie Joseph’s career and a near flawless offering of 70’s female soul.

Standout tracks include the best version of “I’ll Take Care Of You” you’ll find, “I Been Down,” “Touch Your Woman,” & “How Do You Spell Love.”

Margie Joseph – Margie Joseph

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