Ludwig Goransson – Creed Original Soundtrack

Let’s get a little weird today. It’s fight day, so I’m recommending the soundtrack from the greatest sports movie of all time, “Creed.” If you haven’t seen it, “Creed” is the latest installment in the “Rocky” franchise. Despite helping launch Sylvester Stallone’s career, providing quotes that have lasted in pop culture, and being one of the most well regarded sports movies ever made, “Rocky” might be best known for its score, composed by Bill Conti, who also scored the 2nd and 3rd installments.

Ludwig Goransson, a previous collaborator with Michael B. Jordan and director, Ryan Coogler, on “Fruitvale Station,” put together the score for the 2015 commercial and critical hit. Goransson parlayed his work with Donald glover on this soundtrack, as well as on one of my favorite TV shows ever, “Community,” into being the primary producer on Glover’s Childish Gambino album, “Awaken, My Love.”

But, back to today’s recommendation. The Creed OST is a modernized take on Bill Conti’s original, classical compositions from the original 3 “Rocky” movies. The result is an orchestral, hip hop revelation. Although the soundtrack stand on its own, to really get the idea of how powerful the music is, watch the scene where Adonis Creed is running through the city being followed by the mini bikes set to, “Lord Knows / Fighting Stronger,” a trap reworking of Bill Conti’s original score.

Ludwig Goransson – Creed Original Soundtrack

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