Johnny Guitar Watson – Ain’t That A Bitch

This one has been a rediscovery for me over the last month. Ever since Apple Music removed it from their library, I'd get sad whenever I scrolled past the "J" artists because I knew that "I Want To Ta-Ta You Baby" would be greyed out if I clicked on Johnny's name. So, when I saw Ain't That A Bitch at a record store about a month ago I scooped it up only to bring it home and realize that it was already in my collection. Oh well, it's good enough to be bought twice. Well, three times, since I also bought it on iTunes.

This album is dripping with swag. I mean, just look at that album cover. The vibe of the album is unequivocally cool, with Johnny painting pictures of pimpery and debauchery, but also revealing a vulnerable side.

Watson brings his blues guitar licks over funky compositions, and gives the listener an insatiable urge to drive around slow with the top down. This is the kind of music Snoop and Dre would've made in the mid-70s.

Besides "I Want To Ta-Ta You Baby," standout songs include, "Superman Lover," "Since I Met You Baby," and the title track.

Johnny Guitar Watson – Ain't That A Bitch (iTunes Link)

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