The Isley Brothers & Santana – Power Of Peace

Ladies & Gentlemen,'s first brand new album review! For these first few months, the New Music section of this site will be mainly filled with some of my favorite albums released over the last few years, but whenever an album is released that I can recommend, it'll be reviewed here too.

Power Of Peace is a collaboration between Santana and the two remaining Isley Brothers, lead singer Ronald, and guitarist/drummer Ernie. As expected, when you put 2 of the great guitar players of our time in the same studio, this album is full of searing, excellent electric guitar playing.

The album is best described as a rock album, psychedelic rock to be more specific, but it does have its soul and funk influences. Covers consisting of very basic composition and scarce but beautiful vocals from Ronald Isley leave plenty of room for Ernie Isley & Santana's guitar work. The few slow songs that don't feature the heavy electric guitars are a bit hit-or-miss and there are some questionable directions taken, (an example being the rapped verse name dropping basketball players that sounds like one of those made-for-NBA-Live songs from the early 2000s) but this album is still worth the listen for the master class in electric guitar.

The Isley Brothers & Santana – Power Of Peace

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