The Montclairs – Dreaming Out Of Season

At least for these first few weeks, I meant to post a recommendation every day, but, of course, I missed yesterday. So here's #2 for today.

1972's "Dreaming Out Of Season" is my absolute favorite obscure soul album. Lush, beautiful instrumentation and lead singer, Phil Perry's high pitched vocals combine for an amazing soul sound.

From the first time I heard it, I knew I needed it on vinyl. A record which happens to be extremely rare. I had a saved search on eBay, which sent me an email notification every time one became available, for close to a year. That's how long it took for one to sell for under $70. So, I scooped up my copy for around $40 and considered it a great bargain.

Standout tracks include, "Make Up For Lost Time," "Baby," "Grand Finale," and the title track.

The Montclairs – Dreaming Out Of Season

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